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Stage Plays

In 2014 I became involved in a series of workshops where the subject was writing One Act stage plays. This grew into The Ventura Writers’ Block, a group of local writers producing plays a few times a year.

Five of my short plays have since been extended into full length versions and I’ve continued to build a library of one-acts. Several more are in various stages of completeness as with any writer.

  • The Plagiarist (WINNER, Julie Harris Playwriting Competition, 2022)
  • Escape (WINNER, Moondance Festival 2017)
  • Resurruption (Finalist, Moondance Festival 2016)
  • Psylo and Psylo, the Musical
  • Safety (short) (Selection, Warner Int’l Playwright Festival 2016)
  • Fail Safe (short) (Winner, Worst Nightmare Play Festival, 2020)

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Osiris, Darwin, Einstein is an essay on the origin, evolution and destiny of the human spirit. It also serves as an introduction to the subject giving a history of human evolution, the Egyptian civilization and the ancient Osirian religion. The book is in divided into four parts.

  • Identity is an introduction that lays a foundation of the three core concepts represented by the title: Evolution (Darwin), Egypt (Osiris) and Science (Einstein).
  • Dichotomy is the central theme of the book, laying out the evolution of the abstracts principles of a spiritual philosophy, how that manifested in ancient Egypt, and how the ancient Egyptian philosophy is just as relevant today as modern science.
  • In Trinity the many creation theories of Ancient Egypt are described and explained. The reader is informed not only of their content, but how they fit together and how they connect Man with the Creation event.
  • In Multiplicity it all comes together in a fusion of religion and science.


In these five essays the technology of data analysis is applied to the subject of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

  • UFOs – An Analysis of the Situation
  • UFOs and World Governments
  • UFOs and Mankind
  • UFOs and Aliens
  • UFOs and the Future