Advanced Physics

MicroNuclear Physics

The aim of Micronuclear Physics is the achievement of low cost, high volume energy production through the application of an extremely highly efficient techology on a microscopic level.

The words atomic and nuclear have gained bad reputations because of the destructive nature of the atomic bomb and the failure of the nuclear reactor to deliver safe, clean energy. The goal of M.N.P. is to replace a bad technology based on misconception and misunderstanding, with a good technology based on truth.

The two failed products of the atomic age, the Bomb and the Reactor, are based on large scale out of control reactions of heavy, unstable radioactive elements.

M.N.P. deals with individual particles and precise energy flows.

To achieve a culture which is able to survive on a long term basis, it is necessary to expand our reach beyond our own planet to replenish our resources and ensure our safety. The order of magnitude of energy production to achieve this is far beyond anything we are currently capable of, including the atomic bomb and nuclear reactor.

The goal of M.N.P. is to deliver this.

Applied MicroNuclear Physics (pdf)
Nuclear Electron based Periodic Table (excel)