Sometimes a soldier’s most perilous battle is with their own conscience …

Escape is an up close and personal look at the effects and consequences on the human psyche of a soldier sent into war. It is not meant to be a condemnation nor a complimentary look, but to show what an individual is forced to face within themselves to deal with the acts of violence they are committed to perform – and the violence they face themselves.

Set during the Iraq war, a deadly ambush forces PFC Dan Short and Army Medic Nora Hussein to seek refuge in a small boat on the river Tigris that takes them away from certain death into an uncertain escape. Injured and completely on their own, together they work to overcome the violent forces of man and nature opposing them from the most vulnerable position they have ever been in. They are forced to be both clever and honest while revealing their innermost character that brought them to war and how they have been changed by it.

Production Notes

7 male and 4 female characters, some play multiple parts.

Can be performed on an empty stage with virtually no props as desired.

New Play Exchange or contact Dave Cintron for script.