A comedy about how the second coming of Christ ruins everyone’s life in the Smith family, centered around 16 year old Kyla who has recently become a born again Christian. When Christ steps off the crucifix one Sunday at the First Lutheran Church of Bethlehem, Maryland, Kyla’s blind faith flies in the face of her father’s materialism, her mother’s apathy towards religion, and television news reports only interested in the drama. At the end of the play her resurrected grandmother, grandfather, the Pope, her boyfriend, his Lutheran minister father, God, Satan and Christ come together for one last attempt by Christ to overcome the insanity of modern civilization. Christ calls off the resurrection and takes back the newborn baby that may or may not be Kyla’s immaculately conceived daughter and the next messiah.

Production Notes

7 male and 4 female characters, some play multiple parts

3 locales. Most of the play takes place in the Smith kitchen. There are 5 scenes in a TV studio where all that is needed for these scenes is 2 chairs. There is 1 scene in the church. This may be pre-recorded and projected or played on stage.

Production History

Resurruption was created in a workshop. It has had 2 audience attended staged readings with great reviews. The complete script is ready for production.

New Play Exchange or contact Dave Cintron for script.