The Visual Word

Short Films

I have been directly involved in writing, producing and directing three short films.

  • The first was One Step Behind in the early 90’s, an independent effort co-written and produced with Richard Culver. One Step Behind is a crazy psychic detective romp through an alternate universe and worth watching just because it’s so weird.
  • The second was Webbgirls in 2000, a sitcom pilot shopped to comedy channels in the Los Angeles area, co-written with Todd Gilbert and co-produced with Michael Manasseri and Kimberley Kates. Webbgirls is an R rated comedy about 2 sisters who start a voyeur web site to get out of trouble, and of course it just gets them in even more trouble.
  • The last was In This Corner, self written, produced and directed in 2003.
  • My next short film is in pre-production .


In Development