Full Length 
Escape63 pagesSometimes a soldier’s most perilous battle is with their own conscience.
Psylo98 pagesAn ensemble of actors play identical personnel in American and Russian ICBM launch facilities in this agitprop style dark comedy about Nuclear war. Also available in musical version.
Safety76 pagesWhen the American economic infrastructure totally collapses Dick
and Jane seek refuge from the chaos in their survival shelter
where the internet is their only connection to the real world.
Resurruption112 pagesA comedy about how the second coming of Christ ruins everyone’s life in the Smith family.
The Plagiarist85 pagesA tale of the life of Shakespeare as playwright and his struggle to find sources of inspiration that came sometimes close to hand, and sometimes at a painful cost. Written in Elizabethan English, of course.
Short Plays
BallsA dragon slayer’s girlfriend tries to talk him out of his quest
Cat FoodA zookeeper gets an unexpected reward after an unfortunate incident
End of EvilAbstract, 2 pages
Eros and ElectraA priest finds out the bride to be in his ceremony is a robot
Fail SafeThis scene was deleted from the 1964 film for being too naughty
Firing SquadA soldier is tasked with executing his brother (dark comedy)
Get SantaDan sets out to capture Santa on Christmas Eve (good for kids and adults)
KarmageddonA man meets the Karma Gorilla after getting the electric chair
PrecedentA WW2 bomber pilot returns as a 10 year old boy to collect his VA benefits
Prisoner of Vineland AvenueSara and Chris try to figure out how to escape L.A. apartment living
Psylo (short)American and Russian Missileers play games with Nuclear war
Resurruption (short)The second coming of Christ causes havoc in the Smith family
SecurityBeth’s boyfriend discovers she has an uncomfortably manly security robot 
Short ChangedAfter a fight with her boyfriend a woman has a talk with her taxi driver
Spam RiskThe Adventures of Spam Risk, Private Detective, Episode 1 (radio play)
The DMVValac, Evil Demon from Hell, needs an ID to join the Writer’s Guild
The DreamMark has a big dream for when he gets out, but it’s too late
The Hand of GodJesus, Moses, Buddha and Satan play Poker with God
The Last CookieP.I. Joe Oreo helps Little Debbie find out if Amos is having an affair with Pamela (suitable for children)
WillyWilly Loman arrives in the afterlife. Yes, that Willy.