The search does not end with the answers to life. It continues with finding solutions to life. I have spent my life searching for answers and solutions.

The future of all of us depends on making our world safe, sane and sustainable. My intentions have manifested in the form of non-fiction books, research papers, essays and even stage plays. This intention is to raise awareness and influence the future in a positive way as well as entertain.

The Written Word

Escape is about the escaping the insanity of war.
Safety is about the finding refuge from a crazy world.
Psylo is about facing the insanity of nuclear proliferation.
Resurruption is about the need to restore our belief in ourselves.

Plays Short Films Non-Fiction


A search
into the origins
of the ancient spiritual philosophy
that are the roots
of every major religion.

Essays Research Papers

Advanced Physics

MicroNuclear Physics is
a new field of science
aimed at creating a source
of safe, clean, and unlimited energy.